Motoroi X – Gingerbread 4.5.602 + Keep Data & Voice

The modified update files will allow you to run the latest official release of Gingerbread 4.5.602 with a bunch of bugfixes and performance increase on your Motoroi X. I have tested this with the Iusacell’s stock radio/baseband and the battery usage and smoothness is far better than the leaks and the Iusacell’s stock firmware.

Important Note: By Using this method you will not have to reprogram your phone, this means you get to keep your carrier’s data and voice programming settings intact and running on the network right after you are done.

Tip: If you are running a leaked version you might as well boot right now into recovery, perform a current backup, and you might be able to restore the /data partition and get your apps and configuration intact after the ROM has been installed.


  1. Recomended: Perform a backup of your SD card and save the data somewhere else just in case.
  2. If you are running Stock Android Froyo 2.2 (Iusacell’s or Verizon) on version 2.3.340 you can proceed to step (4).
  3. You will need to SBF your phone — this will basically upload the ROM in debug mode based on a SBF file, I suggest you google on how to perform this as this will depend on what OS you are on.
  4. Download these files onto your SD card:
  5. First, you need to root your device, so go on and install z4root.1.3.0.apk.
  6. Permanently root your device and once done it should reboot.
  7. Install the “DroidXBootstrap” into your phone and reboot, it should boot into recovery.
  8. Navigate with your volume up/down keys and hit “Backup/restore” with the camera button.
  9. Hit wipe “data/factory reset“.
  10. Select the update option and choose “”, then wait a couple of minuts for this to finish and do not reboot.
  11. Now update and select ““, this will install faster and should tell you once it is done.
  12. Hit reboot system and wait around 7-15 minutes for it to boot — wait patiently.
  13. You now have put a rooted official Gingerbread ROM on your Motoroi X.

Optional: The Droid X Bootstrap does not work with the Gingerbread Kernel, so to boot back into recovery you will need now to to install “Droid2Bootstrap” in turn — for example if you want to perform an advanced restore of your data from the previous leaked Gingerbread install (check section labeled “C. Advanced Restore”).

And do not forget that on my previous post, you may see the Verizon’s stuff/bloatware that is safe to freeze using Titanium Backup.

10 thoughts on “Motoroi X – Gingerbread 4.5.602 + Keep Data & Voice

  1. hola tengo la version 595, instale el “Droid2Bootstrap”, no encuentro la opcion update, me ayudas porfa. saludos.

  2. the system wants to upgrade to .605 what should i do?
    in systems settings and every 4 hours theres a notification

    do i lose any configuration if i go for it?

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